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Eric “Yav” Iovacchini

Yav Iovacchini, JD, Ph.D., is a co-founder and the Chief Officer of Operations for Bella Consultants. He is the retired Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Emeritus at The University of North Carolina at Asheville. Prior to spending over 25 years in higher education, he was a practicing attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska. During his more than 25 years as a higher education leader, he had numerous opportunities to interact with governmental agencies at all levels and understands the workings of not only state government but the federal government as well. His work in higher education focused on supporting students’ development outside the classroom and during this occasion had numerous opportunities to work with international students and students studying abroad. He was the co-founder of UNCA’s Summer Study Abroad Program in Perugia, Italy and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. He not only brings his legal experience to Bella Consultants but also his years of service as an administrator, leader, teacher, and counselor in higher education. His personal experience navigating the Dual Citizenship labyrinth enables him to understand the intricacies associated with this complicated process.

Yav’s unique set of experiences provides Bella Consultants clients an individual experienced in law, government, and bureaucratic systems as well as the compassionate understanding necessary to assist those who seek Dual Citizenship for personal or business reasons.

Nick Iovacchini

Nick Iovacchini is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Bella Consultants. He first became interested in exploring the opportunities of Dual Citizenship while working on his MA in International business and Investment. His passion for study of the Italian language, together with his vision of an integrated global work force, inspired his interests in helping others obtain Dual Citizenship.

Nick was fortunate enough to experience the value of Dual Citizenship first-hand, having lived and worked abroad for several years. His experiences culminated when, as an Italian citizen, he was selected to represent Italy as a player at the World University Baseball Championships in 2002.

Nick’s previous experience as a small business owner and his genuine interest in helping others reconnect with their heritage infuses Bella Consultants with experience and enthusiastic leadership.

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