"Assistance in obtaining Italian Citizenship, Irish Citizenship and Greek Citizenship."
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Our Mission is to lead every client through the maze of obtaining dual citizenship. We strive to help you unlock new doors of opportunity by unlocking the old doors of your heritage.

Irish, Italian, or Greek Citizenship may be your legal birth right. Claiming this privilege can create incredible opportunities and exciting new options.

Let us lead you to your Dual Citizenship.

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We at Bella Consultants will work closely with you through every step of the process. Our services include:

Determining if you are eligible to apply for Dual Citizenship in a particular European Union country

  • Gathering all documents and certificates necessary for international use
  • Preparing your application for Dual Citizenship
  • Assisting you with the submission of the application
  • Helping you take advantage of every opportunity afforded by Dual Citizenship
Statement of Confidentiality: Bella Consultants respects the privacy of all clients and guarantees that any information communicated will be kept confidential

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