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Irish Dual Citizenship

In order to acquire Irish Citizenship, we must prove that you are a descendent of an Irish citizen. A claim to Irish citizenship can either be a right or a request depending on the mitigating circumstances of each case. To be considered eligible for Irish Citizenship we must identify at least one of the following conditions as true:

  1. You were born in Ireland (with the exception of children of parents holding diplomatic immunity in Ireland).
  2. You were born outside of Ireland, but your father or mother was born in Ireland.
  3. You were born outside of Ireland, and your parents are Irish citizens that were not born in Ireland (i.e. one of your grandparents was born in Ireland)

While meeting at least one of these criteria does greatly improve your chances of acquiring Irish Dual Citizenship, the process can become complicated as different dates of registered births abroad must be taken into account. In some cases, meeting one of these criteria will constitute a right to Irish Citizenship, while in other cases it may only constitute a right to request Irish Citizenship.

We’re here to help.

Bella Consultants will sort through your individual case, determine your rights and organize the paperwork. We’ll conduct genealogical research on your behalf and determine if you qualify under one of the above mentioned scenarios. We’ll exhaust all the possibilities and identify the most promising option(s). Once eligible, we’ll map out your lineage and collect the extensive set of documents (both domestic and foreign) required for your Dual Citizenship application. Finally, we’ll communicate with the Irish Consulate of your jurisdiction to ensure your application is complete and processed timely.

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