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A letter from the founders--

Welcome to Bella Consultants:

Our professional service was born in an effort to help others share the joys and opportunities that we have personally experienced as a result of our Dual Citizenship. We are a family owned and operated business dedicated to helping clients explore the richness and possibility of their heritage.

Fueled by curiosity, we started on our own path toward Dual Citizenship several years ago. Like you may have already discovered, we also quickly realized that this was no easy endeavor. Traveling alone on the path toward becoming a dual citizen requires an immense dedication of time and resources. It requires an in-depth knowledge of different legalities (domestic and foreign) regarding Dual Citizenship. It requires familiarity and patience in navigating seemingly impossible foreign and domestic bureaucracies. Finally, it requires a tremendous dedication of time and determination to collect and organize every piece of the puzzle.

Our diverse experiences are vast and our expertise is tested, as we have been through the process ourselves and helped many others along the way. Entrusting the services of Bella Consultants will ensure that you are not overwhelmed by this complex journey. Rather, we will be your guide, your interpreters, and your liaison as we make the journey together. With us by your side, you will feel the joys of reconnecting with your heritage without drowning in complexity.

We find great pleasure in our roles as Dual Citizenship consultants. Everyday we help people rediscover their personal histories and connect with their roots. It’s fun and rewarding to play such a door-opening role in so many lives. Dual Citizenship is truly a gift of unlimited potential.

We look forward to working with you and wish you luck in your journey!


Eric Iovacchini and Nick Iovacchini

Father, Son, and Founders

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