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Bella Consultants offer Dual Citizenship assistance primarily for the European Union countries of Italy, Ireland, and Greece. Inheritance of Citizenship is available through a concept called Jure Sanguinis or “descent.” These concepts relate to a person’s birthright or blood heritage to claim citizenship to a country based on the fact that they are descendents of a citizen of that particular country.

The laws governing each country’s Jure Sanguinis can be quite different, and often very complex. We at Bella Consultants have extensive experience helping people of Italian, Irish, and Greek heritage navigate the Dual Citizenship process, and are in a unique position to act as your guide to a second citizenship and passport.

Our Services Include:

  1. Free initial consultation to discuss your eligibility for Dual Citizenship
  2. Genealogical Research into your line of heritage
  3. Procurement of supporting international documents
  4. Procurement of supporting domestic documentation to be used for international purposes
  5. Assistance with the preparation of your application for specific citizenship
  6. Assistance with submitting the application for a second passport if citizenship is obtained
  7. Advice on leveraging your Dual Citizenship and accessing all its advantages

Bella Consultants does not guarantee the acquisition of a second citizenship. Rather we will offer you the best opportunity available in the preparation of your application for citizenship. It will be the determination of the particular country in question to determine whether or not you are truly eligible for this Dual Citizenship.

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